Electrical Machine Lab/Energy Convertion Lab

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The DB-609 Electrical Machine Lab training system is an ideal training system for electrical power & energy convertion lab. The DB-609 system is completed with the modules are: 01. Three phase AC & DC power supply, 02. Synchronous motor/generator, 03. DC motor/generator, 04.Squirrel cage induction motor, 05. Elecrdynamometer, 06. Three phase transformer module, 07. Single phase transformer, 08. Three phase resistive load, 09. Three capacitive load, 10. Three phase inductive load, 11. Synchronizing module, 12. Digital techometer, 13. Banana-banana connector, 14. Instruction manual, 15. Mobile consol work station.

Work Station
Wheel Mounted, one door cabinet with lock, total
dimention H x W x D (1640 x 930 x800)mm. Net
weight 72kg

Electro Dynamometer
Torque 0.2-3.2 N-m, Speed 250-4000 r/min
Supply: 0-240V DC.

Three Phase
Transfoemer module
Primary 240V, Secondary 120-120 Volt, 600VA, 50Hz
Three Phase Transformer, Consists of 3 individual
single phase 600VA transformer

Squirrel Cage
Induction Motor
3phase, 220V/380V, 50Hz, 320W, 1400r/min