Portable Analog Digital Trainer

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The DB-905 PORTABLE ANALOG/DIGITAL TRAINER is an ideal teaching aid for all types of electronic circuits, Located all around the 2230 Tie-Point removable breadboard is a variety of functional input and out-put circuits, which can be used to stimulate or measure electrical signals from the circuit under test or development. The removable breadboard area is not con-nected to these peripheral circuits and is meant to be connected by the user using standard solid AWG #22-30 wire. These circuit functions allow for the breadboarding and testing of circuits without the need for many expensive individual pieces of equipment.

Ohm's law and Kirchhoff's laws
Controlling current and voltage
Serial and parallel resistor circuits
Power and DC circuits
Algebraic fractions
Digital switching units
Binary coding and computer arithmetic
Logic circuit tracing using Boolean Algebra
Pulse processing circuits Network theorems
Applications of trigonometric functions
Diode networks
Analyzing transistor circuitry
Audio amplifier circuits
Digital systems and trouble shooting
Time base generators
Magnetic circuits
Digital interfacing circuits
Computer interfacing circuits
Many others with user manual