Portable Analog Laboratory

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The DB-711 Analog Laboratory is designed for the use of analog cicuit experiments. It features 4sets of DC power supplies with dierent voltage output and a large solderless Bread board. Which is convenient for the users to do several kinds of circuit experiment Optional jumper wire set and cutter/stripper is avaible for user's convenience.

Output Power Supply
Regulated D.C. Supplies
AC Power Supplies 3 volt, 6 volt, 9 volt, 12 volt
Variable D.C. Supplies 18 V @ 1000 mA with short circuit indicators
Solderless Breadboard 1040 Tie points breadboard, 1mA ammeter, 5K & 100K
Potentiometer, 8ohm1w speaker, 5pin relay, 4set 1A diode
2 way toggle & 2 way puls switchs and power indicators.

Input Power Supply
1000 mA
110 V AC, 50 Hz
AC Input

AC Power Cable
User's Instruction Manual

Dimension / Weight
300x280x90 mm
3.5 KGS (Approx.)